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What is LiveStuff?

It is shared content (like Wikipedia) in lists (like Pinterest) that can be followed (like Twitter) and allows people to showcase their uniqueness (like Facebook).

What does it do?
It creates lists for both users and content providers.
Lists can be:
 -  Personal - only you can see them
 -  Private - only a select group can see them
 -  Public - the lists are available for all to see
 -  Rated, shared and reviewed.
Anything can be "stuffed" into a list.
You can follow specific lists of interest and be followed by others

How do I use it?
Content can be added by:
 -  Scanning the barcode or the QR code
 -  Snapping the image
 -  Adding it manually

How can I sign up?
Go to www.livestuff.com to register and set up a LiveStuff account.
When your account is set up, you can:
 -  Start creating lists
 -  Put items into lists
 -  Add Photo's, Videos, Documents, and Music to lists
 -  Start sharing lists
 -  Rate/ review items and post them to any social media
 -  Follow and be followed on LiveStuff!

Visit LiveStuff.com to get started now...
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LiveTechnology Holidngs, Inc - July 13, 2014


List, share and review all of your stuff. From the stuff you own, to the stuff you want, to the stuff you love!

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